The Willow Curve could save you from shoulder or knee surgery.

After 25 years of taking pain medication for severe knee pain, football legend Charlie Sanders was facing invasive surgery to help alleviate some of his pain. Just before surgery, he was introduced to the Willow Curve. The Curve is a medication-free, FDA-cleared medical device that uses low-level lasers to reduce pain and inflammation.

Because of the Curve, Charlie Sanders cancelled his knee surgery and quit taking pain medication – and is living nearly pain-free. If you are suffering from severe joint pain – especially in your knees, elbows or shoulders – the Curve can help you. Order the Willow Curve today, for medication-free pain relief.

The Willow Curve

The World’s First Smart Digital Anti-Inflammatory Device.

WillowMD’s technology works to stimulate multiple beneficial reactions:

Reduces Swelling

Stimulates Increased Blood and Lymph Flow

Reduces Pain

Activates The Immune System

Encourage healing through 15 natural responses

Increase range of
motion of joint