The Willow Curve is the World’s First Smart Digital Anti-Inflammatory Device.

This Smart Laser for Joint Pain Relief is proven safe and effective for clinical and home use.

Almost one in three adult Americans suffer from joint-related problems arising from injury and/or disease. Current therapeutic modalities for managing joint pain include physical therapy, intra-articular injections, surgery, and medications, including over-the counter (OTC) medications, nutraceuticals, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, prescription medications, and opioid analgesics.

Although some may be inexpensive and perceived to be safe, many are costly, partially effective, interact with other medications, elicit serious adverse effects on multiple organs, and are responsible for a significant amount of morbidity and mortality.

WillowMD’s technology works to stimulate multiple beneficial reactions:

Reduces Swelling

Stimulates Increased Blood and Lymph Flow

Reduces Pain

Activates The Immune System

Encourage healing through 15 natural responses

Increase range of
motion of joint